Initial Telephone Consultation:

20 minutes - Free


Individuals - 1 hour - £55

Couples - 1.5 hours - £75


Individuals sessions:

50 minutes - £50

Couples sessions:

1 hour - £70

Payment can be paid via BACS payment before the session. 


Initial Telephone Consultation -

I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation in which we can have a chat about what has been going on for you at present and whether counselling would be helpful for you at this moment in time. It will give you an opportunity to ask me about what therapy I offer and would give you a feel of what it would be like to work with me. At this stage, if you want to proceed, we will book an initial assessment.


In an assessment I usually invite you to tell me more about what is currently going on for you, a bit about what it's been like in the past for you and what your hopes are from the therapy.

By the end of this session we can then decide together how best to proceed; whether I feel that another initial assessment session is necessary, or if the therapy should be open-ended or whether we agree on a number of sessions, or even if I feel that it would be more appropriate to offer a referral to another service. The assessment appointment lasts for about an hour (an hour and a half for couples). 


Individual/Couple Sessions

After the assessment, and in agreeing to work together, we will arrange a regular weekly session time on the same day each week. These sessions last for 50 minutes (60 minutes for couples).