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Open-ended Therapy

Open-ended psychodynamic therapy provides psychoanalysis in which the session are fixed weekly in both day and time. Sessions are 50 minutes long and have fixed fees. During this regular time your feelings,  your thoughts,  your desires can all be explored and worked through in safety.

Often people want to work in an open-ended way because they appreciate having the time to explore at their own pace without an time/session limit on their therapy – so that they can finish when they are ready.

Time Limited Therapy

Time-limited psychodynamic therapy can offer us an opportunity to work together actively to agree a focus for the sessions. Key goals for change can then be identified in relation to this focus.


The focus need not be adhered to rigidly, but it serves as an ongoing point of reference that helps us to organise our thoughts and work efficiently in the sessions.

This way of working typically lasts from 12 – 20 sessions, with review.

For Online Therapy read here.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling can improve the way couples communicate with each other. The aim is to build emotional openness and closeness, improve communication and behaviour, change unhelpful thoughts and perceptions, and help to cope with the ordinary and not-so ordinary stresses that occur everyday in relationships.


Sessions are 60 minutes long and have fixed fees, ideally they are weekly but can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances.

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